Xerjoff Torino21

Xerjoff Torino21

As an internationally celebrated event, the ATP tennis finals make sporting history every year. Where top athletes duel each other at the highest level and the audience is captivated by their favourites, the dynamic, thrilling flair of top-class competitions is created. Xerjoff dedicates itself to the event, which is held for four consecutive years in its home city of Turin, in a special way. The fragrance manufacturer not only comes into force as a sponsor, but also creates its own fragrance in reference to a furious final from which the German Alexander "Sascha" Zverev emerged victorious in 2021. The creation of Torino 21, shines as a lively, sporty, light perfume - and marks the start of a special edition from Xerjoff planned for every other ATP tennis final held in Turin.

Fresh and sophisticated, TORINO21 combines the green and aromatic benefits of mint, basil, thyme, and rosemary.
The fresh, citrusy aspects derive from verbena and lemon, giving the greenery more energy and a touch of watery juiciness. Uplifting and vigorous, the composition also includes a crisp and elegant jasmine accord, blackcurrants, and a calming musk and lavender trail.
EAN: 8054320901211

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