Xerjoff Iommi Monkey Special

Xerjoff Iommi Monkey Special

Xerjoff, luxury Italian Perfume house, well known for its unique and individual creations and collaborations in the fragrance world, are launching their latest venture – Xerjoff Blends, an experimental and experiential concept that creates multisensory experiences, blending fragrance with other sensory elements.

The first multisensory interactions primarily between perfume and music come together in an unexpected and uniquely modern way, merging the dark and Gothic notes of scent, sound and design in a unified perception.

Sergio Momo from Xerjoff and the most enduring icon of hard rock, Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi wanted to encapsulate in a bottle the evocation of emotions, alongside a new music track and video, and a bespoke cocktail.
EAN: 8054320900702

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