Xerjoff Coffee Break Golden Dallah

Xerjoff Coffee Break Golden Dallah

GOLDEN DALLAH - an explosion of coffee and fresh herbs

The COFFEE BREAK collection takes its inspiration from the intriguing centuries history of the international coffee trade. Each perfume is created using notes inspired by the different places where the history of coffee has left its mark.

GOLDEN DALLAH belongs to the COFFEE BREAK collection and is dedicated to Arabian coffee culture.

By the way, "Dallah" is the name of the traditional Arabic coffee pot that has been used for centuries to brew and serve a spicy, bitter coffee traditionally served at celebrations such as Eid al-Fitr (Sugar Feast).

TOP: fresh exotic herbs
HEART: Coffee Absolute - Rose Absolute - Frankincense - Cambodian Ancient - Amber
BASE: cocoa - tonka bean
EAN: 8033488157906

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