MYSC Giftcard €75,-

MYSC Giftcard €75,-

A giftcard standard or impersonal? No, it is not. With the MYSC gift card you give personal attention and a personal choice from the beauty world full of trends.
- Unlimited validity and redeemable at any time at MYSC
- Valid in store or online!
- Free wrapping service
- Personal samples

In the store, the gift card is available in any desired value from €15. Online you can order giftcards of €25,-, €50,-, €75,-, €100,-, €150,-

The gift card can be spent via the MYSC webshop or in one of our two Beauty Hotspots. Do you have questions about the MYSC Giftcard or do you want to order in large numbers? Please contact our customer service.

Happy giving!
EAN: 2200016916960

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