Montale Rendez-vous à Moscou

Montale Rendez-vous à Moscou Zwart

From the outset, fruity, lively, fresh and sweet sparks awaken the senses. The clear and sensual heart reveals a floral heart, a combination of rose petals and jasmine, punctuated by the sensual note of Patchouli. The base notes are soft, offering a woody, musky and vanilla sillage.

The city grabs you, from Tverskaya Street to the Botanical Garden, colors are bold, shapes are defined and the rich architecture stands out against the majestic panoramas. From the rust-colored walls to the domes that bloom like corollas in May, gold marries red. This deep and vivid red is the color of our memory and our tribute to our dear Moscow.
EAN: 3760260456289

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