Montale Pretty Fruity

Montale Pretty Fruity

Sexy, fresh and captivating! An explosion of citrus fruits, black currants and passion fruit make Pretty Fruity a sparkling cheerful fragrance. When I saw the name I could not imagine that Montale would deal with a fruit scent .. The nice thing is that this scent is completely devoid of flowers but is filled with a mouth-watering fruit cocktail. The citrus, blackcurrant and passion fruit make the fragrance lively and slightly sweet and juicy. With all its transparency and fruity freshness, earthy musk gives the scent a lasting base, lifting the scent to the top with high quality fruity notes. Wonderful fresh scent for the whole year and with a long life and sillage on the skin.

Top: citrus accords
Heart: black currants, passion fruit
Base: Musk
EAN: 3760260453035

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