Mancera Wild Cherry Eau de Parfum

Mancera Wild Cherry Eau de Parfum

WILD CHERRY, a new fourth MANCERA’s fragrance of WILD collection. This fragrance was inspired by taste of winter
cherry and spice notes. This fruit is combined with a variety of stories and legends, it is the symbol of burning passion and indomitable sense.

This fragrance is unique in its rich taste, in which excessive sweetness combined with the excessive acid and a deep color of cherry-­‐ red, which is associated with life and with love. It is impossible to stay away from it.

The fragrance has a particular depth, sweetness, creaminess, and at the same time-­a characteristic tartness. WILD CHERRY is an extraordinary delicious fragrance.

WILD CHERRY– Floral, Fruity, Edible
Top: Black Cherry, Sparkling Bergamot, Lemon from Calabria
Heart: Delicate Orris & Jasmine, Patchouly from Sumatra, Sweet Heliotrope
Base: Precious White Musk, Vanilla pods from Madagascar
EAN: 3760265191451


    Topnoten: Bergamot, Citroen en Kers
    Hartnoten: Orris, Jasmijn, Patchouli en Heliotroop
    Basisnoten: White Musk, Madagascar Vanille

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