Mancera French Riviera

Mancera French Riviera

French Riviera, your new summer partner .

The iodine fragrances sweep across the mountainous slopes of the Esterel. The freshness of the heights invites itself on the coastline bathed by the Mediterranean sun.

Warm and luxuriant, dry and fresh, the perfume of the holidays is loaded with citrus fruits: lemon and orange trees impose themselves in the air. Memories of Sunday markets where aromatic scents reign, memories of coniferous forests where pine dominates, memory guides our steps when we land on the French Riviera.

HEAD: Tangerine, Orange, Lemon, Ginger & Pepper.
HEART: Sea Sprays & Iodine Notes, Tiare & Mimosa Flowers, Pine Notes, Vetiver Roots.
BASE: Amber, Sea Salt, White Musk.
EAN: 3760265194247

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