Jusbox Green Bubble Eau de Parfum

Jusbox Green Bubble Eau de Parfum

An earthly paradise, ruled by the original sin: Love. Mankind, folk culture and every day slow living create Jamaica and are Jamaica’s creation at the same time. Jamaica: the land of Springs. In this Eden, BPM becomes rarefied and the bass’ line lay down the law to guitar. Pure ideals are so powerful to go beyond the borders of this isle. Reggae descends on earth: one music and one culture.

Reggae is the doctrine of Jamaica’s kingdom; in its immaculate religiousness, essence and beauty become faith. In the Green Bubble fragrance, the rhythm is composed by the serenity of a shining sun, the Jamaican people’s strength and creativity, and the vegetation, which reigns undisputed in this land of wood and water. A flawless oasis where the euphoria rising from vegetation’s and smoky woods’ scent meets the spirituality of incense. Julien Rasquinet gives shape to Eden, creating a perfect balance between woody accords with sharp notes of absinthe and aromatic hints of saffron and Indian hemp. Sensory ecstasy.

Top: Grapefruit, Marijuana accord, Absinthe
Heart: Saffron, Honey, Cedarwood
Base: Labdanum, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Dry Amber
EAN: 8058772090509

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