Escentric Molecules Molecule 04 Refill

Escentric Molecules Molecule 04 Refill

Imagine a sandalwood stripped of its heaviness to reveal a soft and sheer wood radiating silvery freshness. This is Javanol. And this is the heart, body and soul of Molecule 04

The revolutionary fragrances from Geza Schoen’s Escentric Molecules make a provocative statement on the marketing of today's fragrance industry. Enhancing the body's pheromones to create a bespoke, but equally as intoxicating, scent for each wearer, their unique aromas a as powerful in their binary pairs as they are worn alone.

The genius behind Escentric Molecules’ formula of perfect simplicity is just how perfectly they select their featured ingredients. And for the newest round, they’ve picked Javanol, a cutting-edge synthetic with sandalwood qualities. But unlike the velvety sandalwood of Molecule 01’s ISO-E Super, Javanol is intriguingly crisp, with a lively, almost tropical undercurrent beneath the smooth woodiness. Hovering nimbly above the skin with the Molecule line’s signature transparency, it wears as a deftly calibrated aura of scent, weightless but impactful and impossible to dislike. Equally suited to the most casual of comforts or the edgiest of styles, Molecule 04 is, quite simply, whatever you make of it.
EAN: 5060103310371

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