Dr. Vranjes Diffuser Albero Di Natale (limited)

Dr. Vranjes Diffuser Albero Di Natale (limited)

This home fragrance brings about scents of the earth and the undergrowth. Notes of mosses, pinecones and an intense, balsamic edge of pinewood mingle together to create the magic of Christmas. Soft and fresh, it is the ideal choice to bring energy to living spaces.

We all have many memories linked to Christmas. Those of Maestro Paolo Vranjes bring him back to walks on the hills while searching for mosses to decorate the crib, the smell of earth and undergrowth. When the tree was finished, he would run his fingers across the balsamic and intensely scented branches. His aim was to encapsulate all his olfactory memories in this fragrance.
EAN: 8033196274445

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