Cire Trudon Sous Un Ciel De Pétales

Cire Trudon Sous Un Ciel De Pétales

The founding idea behind the Maître Tseng × Trudon collection came from imagining the flow of water from the sky, enriched by elements of the earth. Reflecting this idea, this range of scented candles is expressed in three stages.

Combining jasmine sambac and jasmine grandiflorum both originating from the Himalayas - and with fresh notes of bergamot, the fragrance of Sous un Ciel de Pétales (Under a Sky of Petals), created by Vincent Ricord, alludes to a floral scene. Its fragrance is supported by base notes of guaiac wood and light touches of incense, which evoke this candle's connection to the earth. The origin of Sous un Ciel de Pétales' Chinese name is closely linked to the Qing dynasty poem that Master Tseng has written on the front of Maison des Trois Thés in calligraphy.

Head: Bergamot Italy, Lemon Italy, Elemi
Heart: Jasmine absolute Egypt, Sambac Jasmine absolute India
Base: Guaiac wood, Incense Oil Somalia , Musk
EAN: 3397690002009

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