Cire Trudon Eau De Parfum Médie

Cire Trudon Eau De Parfum Médie

A blithe journey with a citrus heart.

A freshness that runs on the skin, leaving a desirable trace of amber and leather on the surface.

Médie is a citrus perfume for men and women, which takes us back to Antiquity and the kingdom of Alexander the Great, under which the province of Médie abounded in rare citrus. An oasis of freshness, Médie encapsulates the heart of the fruit where citrus, spices and aromatic notes are mixed. In addition, bright green aromas combine with light amber and woody notes, warmed by a touch of incense. Composed as a citrus fragrance with an aromatic finish, Médie leaves a vibrant bitterness in the air.

Head: Manderin, Grapefruit
Heart: French Cypress, Sambac Jasmine
Base: Frankinsence, Vetiver
EAN: 3397696710083

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