Atelier Rebul Diffuser Bereket

Atelier Rebul Diffuser Bereket

Give your home extra style with these Bereket Fragrance Sticks, and welcome the energy of abundance into your home that opens new doors to prosperity.

Rich and juicy pomegranate mixed with the freshness of lemon and the warmth of cinnamon. The rich and strong notes in the top remind you that abundance is your natural state and that you are worth every wonderful thing in life. In the heart, cloves are enriched with delicious raspberries and complemented by the delicate freesia. A sweet, soft and powerful combination to awaken the energy within you. In the base, the notes of patchouli rise to energize your mind. With a hint of magnolia and vanilla, the warmth of this unique scent and the energy of abundance spread throughout your home.
EAN: 8691226604701

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