Natura Bisse Diamond Experience Life Infusion Ritual

Natura Bisse Diamond Experience Life Infusion Ritual

Our most distinguished, most luxurious, most extravagant treatment. A true experience of excellence.

We combine the dynamic powers of Diamond Collection with ancient rituals and high-tech transformative treatments.

A luxurious cleansing ritual inspired by expert Asian techniques, a relaxing lavender Ayurvedic Shirodhara Diamond massage, triple exfoliating Carboxy Therapy, meticulous massage with potent Diamond Life Infusion serum and an incredibly lifting myofacial massage. To finish: our exclusive luminous gold and pearl nourishing mask.

The results: exceptional rejuvenation, radiant, revitalized skin.

We call it the elixir of youth.

Prepare to be enchanted and mesmerized by this superlative jewel treatment.

€ 199,- (90 min.)