Collageen Lip Treatment Cure

Collageen Lip Treatment Cure

The natural lips are thoroughly hydrated, cared for and the body's own collagen production is stimulated, so that the lips can become fuller, healthier and more beautiful in color.


Lip Collagen Therapy is an exclusive treatment that moisturizes and rejuvenates the lips. In addition to removing damaged skin, it reduces expression lines (wrinkles) and gives a slight increase in volume

  • Promotes cell regeneration and makes lips look healthier,

  • Causes collagen to accelerate the formation of new cells,

  • Provides deep hydration with lifting effect,

  • Reduces small wrinkles,

  • It gives more volume and gives you pink lips,

  • It promotes deep hydration, with the function of skin booster, eliminates dead cells and wrinkles, with a texture of shine.

€ 160,- (4 x 20 min.)