Nishane Nefs Extrait De Parfum

Nishane Nefs Extrait De Parfum

Floral / Gourmand / Musky

Nefts is a luxurious interpretation of the oriental notes. Like Istanbul itself, the masterful creations of Nishane straddle the line between Europe and Asia, synthesizing the palettes and traditions of both in the service of dynamic, modern perfumery. And so it's unsurprising that Nefs, conceptualized as the line's flagship oriental scent, strives for a

new, modern oriental- an East-meets-West portrait of refined luxury to sway even those who dislike oriental fragrances. Like a breeze blowing from the east across the Bosphorus, Nefs is an exquisite oriental that bridges the gap between civilizations. A scent to revive the fantasies told by the stories of One Thousand and One Nights of the Orient.

Top: honey - violet - sage - saffron - fig
Heart: rose - osmanthus - geranium - jasmine - nutmeg
Base: amber - whiskey - oud - cinnamon - cedarwood - gurjum - leather - vanilla
EAN: 8681008055265

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