Mancera Black Prestigium

Mancera Black Prestigium

MANCERA BLACK PRESTIGIUM created to impress fans of chypre-leather editions with shades of flowers, wood and powder.

True fans of chypre leather editions with hints of flowers and woods will be left with the open mouths! This prestigious blend of bergamot, patchouli and orris goes hand in hand with a love letter to roses and violets in the heart. The base gets in full swing with fine white musk, amber and a seductive leather. The luxurious bottle comes with a golden metal plaque which is just the right statement for an absolute premium perfume.

Floral, Orris, Woody
Head: Bergamot, Orris & Spices.
Heart: Patchouli, Rose, Violet, Oud.
Base: Cedarwood, Gaïacwood, Sandalwood & Amber, Leather, White Musk.
EAN: 3760265190447

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