Mancera Aoud Blue Notes Eau de Parfum

Mancera Aoud Blue Notes Eau de Parfum

The path that you are walking has just ended.... You have two options: going back or... you move apart the green curtain of leaves and you move ahead while your feet dip in the wet ground covered with leaves. You discover ...the paradise. A waterfall flows its water on the cold stone and cold drops sprinkle your face. You will not, for sure, return on the old path.

Mancera Aoud Blue, a refreshing scent enriched with sparking bergamont and mandarin, Mancera's Aoud Blue Notes eau de parfum is laced with ylang ylang and delicate rose; subdued with leather, sandalwood and vanilla.

Oriental Floral
Bergamot, mandarin, lemon, fruity notes, green notes, ylang ylang, violet, rose, orris, patchouly, amber, leather, sandalwood, gaiac, vanilla
EAN: 3760265190096

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